The Student Conduct system educates students about appropriate behavior and fosters a community in which academic success can occur.

This website has been designed to provide members within, and outside of, the Virginia Tech community with information regarding the student conduct process. While we have attempted to provide as much information as possible, please do not solely rely on our website to answer your questions. Please visit our Contact Us page as we are available via phone and email to answer any and all questions.

Important Updates

            *Please review our Inclement Weather Statement for information about meeting             expectations during the winter season when weather is a concern.

  • *Updated* Statement on Self-Reporting and Bystander Intervention: If someone requires assistance as a result of overconsumption of alcohol or drugs, we want them to seek assistance for their health and safety. If medical assistance is sought, Student Conduct will not pursue conduct charges against the individual or organization who sought assistance, or the individual in need of assistance. Find out more here.
  • *Updated* Illegal Drug policy: The BOV recently updated the Illegal Drug policy to include “Additionally, misusing and abusing medications or prescribed medications (controlled under state or federal law) is prohibited”.  This change will allow Student Conduct to follow-up with individuals who put themselves and/or others at risk as a result of them misusing and abusing over-the-counter drugs or prescription medication. Find out more here.
  • Continuing Duty to Report Arrests and Convictions: In November 2010, the decision was made unanimously by the University Safety and Security Policy Committee to adopt a policy that collects arrest, conviction, and issuance of protective order information from students. The Virginia Tech Self-Disclosure of Arrests and Convictions Policy is similar to what was enacted at the University of Virginia in August 2010.

  • Hokie Handbook: The Student Code of Conduct and University Policies for Student Life are the regulations that apply to every student at Virginia Tech, including the satellite campuses. All Virginia Tech students are required to know and to comply with these policies. These and other policies that students are responsible for knowing are located in the Hokie Handbook, the university’s official student guide.

  • Enrollment Blocks: If Student Conduct placed a block on your Hokie SPA account, you cannot change your schedule until the block is removed. Contact Student Conduct to schedule a hearing.

  • Pending completion of an educational sanction: If you have not received an email about unresolved educational sanctions from the previous academic year, contact Student Conduct.