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What we do

Hokie Stone, senic

Our mission is to partner with members of the university community to address conduct that is inconsistent with university expectations and resolve interpersonal, organizational, and community conflicts.


Student Conduct educates students about appropriate behavior and fosters a community that breeds personal and academic success. We also serve as a resource for faculty and staff who consult with students on policies and procedures.

Conflict Resolution

We engage students in intentional conversations and activities that promote reflective learning and foster civility. Peer advisors serve as confidential advisors. Student Conduct Officers facilitate dialogue.


Our hearing officers review cases involving potential violations and implements appropriate educational outcomes.

Record Releases

Students who wish to view or receive a “record release” or statement of good disciplinary standing must complete and sign a Disciplinary Record Certification form in our office.

Notify Families

We notify parents or guardians when students, who are under 21, are found responsible for a substance violation. It is our hope that families can engage in discussion about misconduct prior to the imposition of a more serious sanction.

The University Student Conduct System affects and applies to all currently enrolled students and to student organizations officially listed with the Student Centers and Activities Office. Its major purpose is to help create a fair, just, and disciplined university community.

Anyone can make referrals to Student Conduct regardless of affiliation with Virginia Tech. We use the Hokie Handbook and University Policies for Student Life to determine violations. To make a referral, submit a signed and dated statement of the alleged incident to Student Conduct.